TruAcre Test Planter Diaries | Spring 2020

Kinze 16 row planter with Precision Planting farm technology equipment

Each year, we spend countless hours modifying and improving our TruAcre Test Planter with the latest farming technology equipment. Our 1000-acre test plot stands ready to serve as a tool for us to run trials, tests and pull data. But why do we invest so many resources into this research and development? That’s easy – we believe in what we do and we want to show you that the products and services we offer add value and make your operation better. That’s our mission at TruAcre and if we can’t do it for our own dirt, how can we do it for yours?

Follow along as we take you through a… diary, so to speak, of our 2020 test planter. (We affectionately call her TAP.) We’ll share technology updates we’re making, both in the cab and out, and explain how we’ll test those updates in-field. We’ll also tell you when things don’t go quite right. Because let’s face it, farming is unpredictable and surely not for the faint of heart.

Ready? Let’s roll.

Tracking Corn Emergence | 5.6.20

We’ve been tracking corn emergence on the test plot. The flags represent a new plant emerging every 24 hours.

We’re trying to track the differences in the multiple tests we are running. Just another step in learning what we can do to help our customers improve their operations!

Soybeans Are In | 4.30.20

Planted the soybean plot today – it went in great and we all learned a lot along the way! We planted almost 10 different tests.

Stopped to check on the corn plot as well – primary roots are growing quickly with some over 2 inches in length. Fingers crossed that we start seeing spikes come Monday!

Plot Update | 4.28.20

Stopped by the plot to do some more digging. Did not see a lot of growth but all of the dug seeds appeared uniform in growth.

Soybeans = 0 Storm = 1 | 4.28.20

Today we planned to start beans but mother nature had a different plan (as she usually does.) Took the opportunity to get the planter switched over anyway.

Roots, We Have Roots! | 4.27.20

Our motto at TruAcre is ‘GET OUT AND DIG!’ so that’s what we did today. Found that we have some primary roots coming in as well as coleoptile coming from the seed. No emergence, yet, but hope to see some soon with the rains forecasted.

Rain, Rain Go Away | 4.24.20

Unfortunately, TAP is stopped for the day and likely most of the weekend. On a good note, we were able to finish about 75% of corn planting for 2020!

We are waiting patiently for emergence – getting really excited to see results from this year.

24-Hour Post Plant Check | 4.22.20

Checked the plot today after 24 hours. Placing looks good throughout the field – haven’t seen any seeds imbibe moisture yet.

FurrowForce did as promised and kept air pockets and debris away!

Planting Status = COMPLETE! | 4.21.20

16 row Kinze planter with precision planting speedtubes

Yesterday, we planted the TruAcre Test Plot – whoo-hoo! We plan to go out every 12 hours to watch how our stand is affected by our tests. After emergence, we’ll bump up and visit the plot every 6 hours.

TAP is running well and we’ve been running at 10 MPH with all 16 rows set up with SpeedTubes.

Big thanks for our partners Mr. Dwight Glenney and Mr. Robb Ewoldt for their continued help and support with the test plot!

Dwight and Sean planting the test plot AND staying safe!

Test Planter Runoff & Spring Preparation | 4.8.20

We have been working on TAP throughout the winter but finally completed health checks yesterday. We ran the planter off, as well as planted some test corn to make sure everything on the planter was communicating properly. 

Kinze 16 row planter with a Pioneer seed bag in the bed of a truck
Filling up the boxes for the first test run of the season.

Found a couple issues to address but continue working through those and will be ready for #plant2020 this week! 

This is typically where we look when we can’t find Sarah.

We are very excited to test Precision Planting’s newest product, FurrowForce on the left side of the planter this year and look forward to showing off other test data we collect throughout the spring! Stay tuned!

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