Precision Crop Reporting

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Precision Crop Reporting

Take the Guesswork out of Your Crop Reporting

What is Precision Crop Reporting or PCR?

PCR is a process which improves the transfer of tractor/planter data from planting season to combine data during harvest, providing more accurate and efficient crop insurance reporting.

precision crop reporting map

What are the advantages to using PCR?


  • Actual Acres vs. FSA Acres
  • Accurate premiums equal cost savings
  • Accurate Actual Production History (APH)


  • Faster, more efficient reporting time at local FSA office
  • Faster, more efficient meetings with crop insurance agents


  • Available for use with any crop that utilized GPS technology to record planting or seeding


  • Audits – PCR Data eliminates history of scale tickets
  • Claims – smoother, quicker turn-around time
  • Decreased recordkeeping – livestock feed records no longer required
  • Comingling grain issues alleviated


  • Acreage Reporting using planter data
  • Production Reporting using combine data
  • Ability to farm through section breaks and FSN’s
  • Separation of irrigated and non-irrigated land

Need PCR Support? Call 800-260-8366

Instructions, Downloads & Tutorials

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