How You Start Determines How You Finish

At TruAcre, we know the season begins before the first seed is planted. How you start this process will largely determine how you finish in the fall. The work of setting up your equipment and verifying your planter settings is done ahead of schedule, so when the time comes to plant, you’re ready to go. How you start (or set up) your data management will determine how you finish. Allowing TruAcre to help coordinate your planting data will not only get you off to a great start, but will ensure a great finish as well.

Pre-Season Details Include:
  • Create and load your setup files
  • Software update
  • Verify your set-up, including a machine run-off for accuracy
  • Refresher course on how to use the technology
  • Run your meters on our state-of-the-art Meter Max Ultra test stand
In-Season - Machine Optimization:
  • Seed trench evaluation
  • Evaluation of seed population, singulation and spacing
  • Evaluate row shut-offs
  • Verify proper documentation


Every Seed... Every Kernel... Every Bean... Every Time

When the weather is right and your crops are ready to combine, you don’t have time to wait for technology. Our pre-season set-up of your equipment and verification of combine settings ensure that when the time comes to harvest, you’re ready to roll. TruAcre clients get the benefit of calibration, testing and optimization, ensuring that every seed, every kernel and every bean gets counted every time.

Pre-Season Details Include:
  • Create and load your set-up files
  • Software updates
  • Verify your set-up, including a machine run-off for accuracy
  • Refresher on how to use technology
In-Season Details:
  • Assistance with yield calibrations
  • Verify and adjust equipment to reduce grain loss
  • Verify proper documentation
  • Combine optimization


Spot-On Accurate Reporting - Made Simple

Perhaps one of the least-exciting parts of farming is trying to sort out where the grain came from, how much went to what elevator and what is being stored in what bin. Add the reporting requirements for Federal Crop Insurance, and you’ve just added extra less-than-exciting time to your day. TruAcre has a solution. By allowing our team of data technicians to analyze, store and distribute data, you not only save time but save some sanity as well.

TruAcre will...
  • Clean up data
  • Post calibration
  • Provide summaries of every field
  • Assist with information necessary for federal crop insurance


When the Last Bushel is in the Bin

Nothing feels better than completing a task well. For you and your operation, that sense of relief comes when the last bushel is in the bin. For TruAcre clients, there’s the added confidence that the data is correct, the information is accurate and the process is complete.

From pre-planting to planting, harvest and reporting, we’re with you every step of the way. No guessing games here—just peace of mind that allows you the comfort to relax.

The sooner we can meet, the more prepared you will be for season.

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