Spring planting success: Is your Farm Set up?

So far this spring, we’ve been blessed with a good share of sunny days and we’re hearing many growers excited to start putting seed in as early as this week! We want to help set you up for spring planting success!

Here are five things that you should complete before putting your first seed in the ground. If you need guidance in any of these, please reach out to us!

TruAcre Kinze test planter in field, spring planting success

1) Update Your Software: Newer monitors usually come out with a software update annually (sometimes more often!) We typically see errors occur within the monitor and products on the planter when an outdated software version is being used.

2) Perform Your Health Checks: Most monitors can conduct a “health check” to ensure the technology on your planter is working properly. Check out this video for a how-to on performing a health check on a Precision Planting Gen 2 20|20.

3) Check Your Off-set Timing: When not set correctly, it is possible to have overlap or gaps within your field.

4) Calibrate Your Meters: We recommend calibrating your meters annually to ensure operating at max efficiency. We offer a meter calibration service!

5) Remember Your Documentation: Set up your farms, field, hybrids, measurements, etc. within your monitor to ensure you are set up for success!


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