About Us

About Us

Precision Farming Dealer, Simplifying Your Ag Technology

In 2014, TruAcre Technology was born out of a need many farmers were facing. They were looking for a precision farming dealer able to sell, consult and install farm technology.

It is our desire to fill this void in the farm technology industry and be your on-farm technology expert. We offer support and sales for all makes, models and colors of farm technology and equipment.

Our client base includes over 500 farmers throughout Iowa, Illinois and Missouri. We are continuously growing and adapting our business to better serve our clients!

We are proud to be a dealer for Precision Planting, Ag Leader, Harvest International and Yetter Farm Equipment.

TruAcre Serves Multiple Territories in Iowa & Illinois!


In-House Research and Testing

We operate our own equipment, including a test planter (we call it TAP) fully outfitted with the most current precision tools. We plant, maintain and harvest over 1,000 acres of test soil to provide you with accurate, local data. This provides you the opportunity to visualize your potential ROI gained from these technology tools.

Customizable Support Agreements

We offer and encourage customizable support agreements, which guide you in the specific needs of your operation. These agreements offer peace of mind, from pre-plant to post-harvest, that your technology is running properly. Our experts help you use the information from your technology to make data-driven business decisions.

A Color-Blind Approach

We pride ourselves on being ‘color-blind’, working with virtually any brand or era of farm equipment. We seamlessly integrate multiple brands of precision technology and ag equipment.

Hundreds of Training Hours

Our team spends hundreds of hours learning hands-on and online to understand the ins and outs of all our products and services. Our dealers promote annual training events which offer unique learning opportunities.

A Growing Team

We continuously strive to provide our customers with the highest level of knowledge and support. We are growing our team to bring you a diverse mix of technicians to serve your technology needs. Interested? See our current opportunities!